The end of my challenge :-(

Hello All,

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all that my 13 marathons in 12 months challenge has been cancelled.

I successfully completed the Race to the King, but during the Ultra marathon I sustained a serious rib injury.  Over 2 months later they have still not healed properly.  I have managed one more marathon in the interim, but had to walk the vast majority of it and it took over 7 hours.

I am simply so far behind my training now that I am going to either hurt myself or get a permanent injury if I don’t withdraw.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not broken my ribs as badly as I did the challenge would be ongoing, but this injury meant I was unable to train.  This total lack of training has put me so far back that continuing on is dangerous.

I am devastated to have had to do this.  Thank you to everybody who sponsored me for the Race to the King.  This is a brilliant race and if anybody is considering an Ultra I would strongly recommend it.  I raised around £1500 for Chestnut Tree House, which is excellent and the money will be gratefully received and put to superb use.

This blog will not be updated for a while.  I am not sure exactly what the future holds for me in terms of endurance racing.  The realisation that I am really not very good at it has dawned hard on me, and I need some time away to heal up, strengthen up my aging body and then find my love of exercising and competing again.

Perhaps the blog will be back one day.  Who knows.  Until then.