It’s time to Po-ta-go

Have you heard the story about the Australian fella who only ate potatoes for a year?  Yes that is right.  Just potatoes.  Only potatoes.  For one year.

He is called Andrew Taylor and his story is an amazing one.  A chronic overeater (even though he was a vegan) he decided to cure his food addiction by eating only potatatos for a year.  He was perfectly healthy for this year, lost a shed load of weight (about 50kg) and now runs, where he helps others do do the same thing.

Now I am not a chronic overeater, but I am prone to making very bad food choices and I am terrible at sticking to any sort of diet.  I also need to lose weight (all be it no more than about 15kg (I currently weight 95kg).  I found Andrew’s story hugely inspirational when I first heard it on the outstanding Rich Roll Podcast.

spudfit and roll
Left – Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor  Right – Rich Roll.  Two heroes of mine.

So hear is the plan Batman.  I am going to base my diet almost entirely on potatoes until I lose 15kg and get under the 80kg mark.  This is about the right weight for my height in terms of race fitness, and as I mentioned in my previous blog post It’s time to address the elephant in the room, carrying too much weight is not a good idea when running.

I am not doing pure potatoes like Andrew did.  I will still munch an occasional salad when out and about and I cannot get my hands on a potato, but if I am at home, or heaven forbid at a friends house (where I will asking for potatoes) then I am sticking with good old spuds.

If I stand any chance of completing a 100mile Ultra not only do I need to be at the best possible weight I can be, but I also need to be at that weight quick so the impact on my body is less during training.  As the miles ramp up, carrying round 15kg of extra baggage is just not an option.

So if you see me at the greengrocers with a big sack of potatoes, you know what I am up to.



PS – if you are interested in finding out your idea weight for running, you should check out the Racing Weight website.  A brilliant resource and well worth a look.  They have a book too 🙂