Just when I thought it was all going well……………

I went out for a run after work with my colleague Dan.  Dan hasn’t run for years and is keen to get into it.  We did just under 2 miles of run / walk to ease Dan in, and all was good.

Then I decided to do a few more miles at a quicker pace just to keep my miles for the week up.  After another couple of miles I was struck with shin pain in both shins.

I have had this before, and it hurts.  Am still not sure what causes this, but I have a guess my supreme lack of lower leg flexibility is something to do with it.

Anyway being the sensible man that I am I decided to carry on for a couple more miles (I had to get back to the car somehow) and then after an 45 mile drive home I have pulled on my attractive compression leggings, drunk a couple of beers and decided to post this.  My shins are still hurting me, but the beer definitely is helping.

Fingers crossed that leaving the running until Saturday’s Park Run will be enough time to recover.

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