First Weigh In – 5:2 diet

Having followed the 5:2 diet for a week (essentially eating only 600 calories for 2 days of the week) I jumped on the scales this morning with high hopes of seeing a bit of weight loss.

As I waited for the digital readout to register I held my breath in anticipation, only to see 15st 7.4lbs on the display.  This is EXACTLY the same as what I weighed on  Monday last week, despite the fact that I had eaten only 600 calories on Monday and Thursday last week.  So why might this be……………….?

Well it may have something to do with the fact that the only exercise I did last week was one swim and one 5k run.  Or it may be that my weekend diet consisted of a Pizza Hut, some delicious homemade fajitas and enough booze to kill a man at a party for my wife on Saturday, and then a chinese on Sunday.

So the lesson here is that though you may fast on two days, you cannot eat like a pig on the other 5.  Must try harder this week.  That being said I am away on business for most of it, meaning my chances to exercise are limited and my choice of food is mostly what you can get in restaurants.  Excuses excuses  🙂

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