Ich bin ein Berliner…………..

So, its been a while since my last blog post, and the training is going well.

Am still really suffering with shin splints when I run, but despite this I have managed a record 5k, covered off a 10 mile run (all be it at a far from rapid pace) and pushed through the pain barrier on a 10k that I ran last week with Bushy.

Swimming is also going well, with a couple of 2k swims under my belt.  I am also loving the cycling, and seeing my average speed on the 40k plus rides slowly increase.

With only a week to go until my first event of the year, the Portsmouth Duathlon (5k run, 15k bike, 5k run) I have been sent over to Berlin for work.  I simply adore Berlin.  The city is amazing, the food (essentially consisting of bread, sausage and very very nice beer) suits my palate immensely and the weather here is superb.  All this is not going to have a very positive effect on my training though.

Still who cares?  The whole idea of this crazy Ironman adventure is to complete an Ironman race, not panic about missing training sessions and obsess over the fact that I am drinking too much high quality German lager, eating too many pretzels and doing absolutely no training what so ever.  Not to mention the shisha pipe (don’t tell my Mum).

So that’s that then.  No real training this week (am tapering for my event) and am making sure to load plenty of carbohydrates nice and early ahead of the Duathlon at the weekend.  All this is straight out of the Triathletes training manual and so fits in with my training plan perfectly as far as I can see.

Anyway gotta go now.  Have an afternoon of work to do, then may well venture out to sample a few steins of Berliner.


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