A few days off

So I have had a few days off of training.  Not been for a run, swim or ride since Sunday, and in all honesty I do feel better for not training for a bit.  Am still very unsure on the correct balance of training.

Some people train every day, but I seem to require a bit longer for recovery than most.  This is probably because I am the wrong side of 35, and I wasn’t exactly starting from a strong fitness base.

Have also been thinking quite a bit about the importance of diet in training.  Essentially I do not really follow any diet of any sort.  I try to make the right decisions on meals, but am very partial to an odd take-a-way and now we are into BBQ season more than my fair share of burgers has already passed my lips.

Am fairly sure it is time to think a little bit more about food and stuff.  I am neither gaining or losing weight, but my body simply must be stronger with all the training I have been doing.  I have blogged about the importance of weight before, and then essentially not really done much about it.

To be brutally honest, I will probably think about it for a bit and then carry on like I always have, but if I am going to complete this Ironman I need to be as light as I can possibly get, and that means eating properly.  It’s time for a new resolve around this I think.  Will put my thinking cap on.

Hope you all have a lovely, and sunny weekend.  All you Dad’s out there, enjoy Fathers Day.



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