Dodging training never feels good

So I had a ten miler planned for this weekend.  Nothing fast paced, just a gentle 10 miles.  I ran 10 miles on the South Downs last weekend and absolutely loved it, so this weekend it should have been easy to motivate myself to lace up my trainers (or strap on my sandals in my case) and head on out the door.

Yoda never skips training

I just haven’t done it though.  No real reason why.  I couldn’t be bothered.  Even as I write this at 6pm on Sunday night I could still go out, but instead I have decided to drink a glass of port and write this blog post.

Some might think this is the fine art of procrastination at it’s finest.  And some would probably be right. Delaying what you need to do until the last minute and always finding other stuff to fill your time.  One of my favourite websites,, wrote an excellent article about procrastination and it sums me up perfectly.  Check it out here.  Why Procrastinators Procrastinate.

Never the less I have done a bit of useful stuff with my time this weekend.  I have switched my blog over from being hosted on Blogger to being hosted by WordPress, and I absolutely love the new platform.  I am still finding my way around many of the features, but am pleased with the new layout.  Let me know with a comment if you like the change.

So all in all I don’t feel very good about dodging my training this weekend, but c’est la vie.  I can always catch it up tomorrow and generally speaking I feel fairly fit at the moment so am not that worried.  Spoken like a true procrastinator. 🙂

Have almost finished my glass of port now and am feeling increasingly confident that I will definitely get up early in the morning and go running.  This is fairly common after a drink, and will most likely pass soon.

Anyway that is really all I have to say for myself.  Thought I would do a quick update as I managed to get the blog moved over to see how it works, and with no training done and nothing of interest to report I will leave you all to your own devices.






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