Time to turn things up a notch or three!

So this is a blog about running. But on the 12th August 2019 it is also going to become a blog about something else.

I have taken the decision to take on a secondary challenge alongside training up for the South Downs Way 100. There is a man from Belfast called Neil McTeggert that I have follwed on social media for some time. Neil runs TeamDILF, a little project designed to help guys like me shed their Dad bods and become chiseled out of stone.

I chatted with him this morning about my goal to complete the South Downs Way 100 in June 2020, but also how much I would like to change my body in other ways.

It is not just aesthetic to me. I am getting older. My birthday was at the weekend and I am 41 years old. My 41 year old body lets me down. I don’t feel as strong as I did when I was younger. I am by no means agile. My mobility is shocking. Yes I have a certain amount of pedigree in running/swimming/cycling a long way, but that is about it.

To add to this, and as I have blogged numerous times in the past, weight management has been a constant issue for me during all my endurance endeavours. I am just not very good at managing food intake, energy expenditure etc.

I am sure that Neil holding me to account will be the push I need to shred the unwanted fat, get strong in ways that running doesn’t promote, help me to make my body and my mind harder and give me a psychological boost when it comes to the endurance stuff.

So watch this space (or more specifically this one) for regular updates on how I am getting on with my 16 week body transformation. Fair warning to you all, there will likely be photos of me with my top off. It appears from Neil’s website that he seems to enjoy that sort of thing, so in for a penny in for a pound I say.

TTFN – Snooky

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