Your arse is the weakest link…………..Goodbye

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions before, I enjoy my cycling.  The speed, the tempo, pushing hard up climbs and the sense of freedom that I feel whilst out on the bike are just a few of the things I like about cycling.  There is however one major part of cycling that I do not enjoy


After about an hour in the saddle, my bum starts to hurt.  Now I am sure that I’m not alone in this, and that a certain amount of discomfort is to be expected, especially as road bikes have no suspension, run tyres with very high tyre pressure and the roads that I ride on are often far from smooth.  My main problem is that this affects my cycling.  The pain stops me from being able to concentrate on the cycling, and causes me to concentrate on how my enjoyable bike ride has turned into a pain in the bum (quite literally).

I have consulted quite a few people on what I can do to solve this problem, and have received various answers, such as:

  • Get some padded shorts (I already have these)
  • Eventually you will get used to it (I doubt this somehow)
  • Buy a new more comfortable saddle (I have just ordered one from Wiggle)
  • Man up! (can’t really argue with that one)
Fingers crossed that my new saddle will make a difference.  Otherwise I will just have to make sure that I complete any cycling distance in around an hour.  Very unlikely on a 40k ride (though not totally impossible).  Extremely unlikely on the 112mile Ironman bike distance!  I guess it could be time to “Man up”


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