It appears I have a lazy arse…………..

First things first, apologies if I seem to mention my arse in the majority of these blog posts.  It does seem to be a source of constant problems for me.

Initially I had bum pain when riding.  This was skillfully sorted out with the purchase of some good bib shorts and a new saddle, and now can ride for hours pain free.  Sadly my arse has developed another problem.

As you may have read I suffer with shin splints, or at least what I thought were shin splints.  Eventually I decided to go and see a physio, and after the first fella failed to turn up for our appointment I booked in and saw Gary Sadler, a physio based near where I live.  Unfortunately for Gary he worked as head physio at Crystal Palace football club for quite some time, but I have seen past that and decided he is an alright fella after all.

Gary analysed me, and informed me of the following.

  1. My hips are out of line
  2. My gait is uneven
  3. My glutes (arse muscles) do not fire when I walk – let alone run
All of this means that I place huge unnecessary strain onto my lower leg muscles when running, resulting in subsequent shin pain, which I incorrectly interpreted as shin splints.

“So what is the cure” I hear you all ask.  Well dear reader, I shall tell you.

Gary has given me a series of exercises to do to wake up my lazy arse.  These are being completed twice daily, and include a very strange thrusting maneuver which seems to amuse my wife.  Anyway he has said no running for the time being, and I am seeing him every two weeks.  Once he says go, he will work on my biomechanics when I run and hopefully get me running pain free.  The secret is the nice strong glutes, to support my running and stop me from overusing the lower leg muscles.

So at the moment I am a happy little trainee triathlete, as I get to swim (which I love), ride the bike (which I love) and am not allowed to run (which I love a lot less than the other two).  Sadly I know the running will be back, but am looking forward to this being pain free (with a bit of luck).

And Mum (if you are reading this), looks like you were always right, I truly am a lazy arse!


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