My events for next year are starting to take shape

It is at this time of year that most Triathletes start to look forward to their events for the following Triathlon season.  In my case I already have my “A” race organised in the form of Challenge Weymouth, which takes place in September.  Just in case you need reminding, Challenge Weymouth is an Iron Distance event.  2.4mile swim – 112 mile bike – 26.2 mile marathon.

There are a few key milestones that I would like to tick off before jumping in the sea at Weymouth.  These are both mental and physical.

  1. I want to have completed a full marathon.
  2. I want to have completed at least 5 bike rides over 112 miles.
  3. I want to have logged at least 10 swims over the 2.5 mile mark.

As things stand at the moment I am already capable of number 2 and 3.  I could cycle 112 miles (thought it would likely take me more than 7 hours) and I could swim 2.5 miles (but again this would likely take between 1.5 and 2 hours).  There is no way in hell I could run a full marathon!!!!

In order to finish Challenge Weymouth in a reasonable time I need to be aiming for the following.

  • 2.4 mile swim – 90 minutes or under (ideally closer to 75)
  • 112 mile bike – 6 hours (this is an average speed of just over 18.5mph)
  • 26.2 mile run – 4 hours (average pace of 9 minute mile)
This would give me a total finishing time of around 12 hours, allowing for time in transition etc.  

Now in reality a 12 hour Ironman race is a very good time for a first time competitor and an even better time for somebody like me with only 1 years triathlon experience under my belt.  That being said this is the target I am going to aim for.

So back to the original point.  To help me with my 3 milestones I want to achieve, I have booked up the Brighton Marathon on the 12th April.  I will be running this for the Chestnut Tree House.  These are the guys who cared for Amber whilst she was at the end of her battle with Neuroblastoma.  They are an outstanding charity funded entirely by donations and it is a pleasure to run for them.

I will also make sure to complete my fair share of long rides once the weather improves.  Most likely I will do this on my own; however I may enter a few Sportive events to practice competing with other riders around.

Swimming wise, I will join the Pompey Triathletes for regular sea swims on Saturday mornings once the Spring is here.  I can swim around 3k each Saturday morning with them and on occasion simply go a bit further to get up to the 2.5 mile mark.

All this is well and good, but it all happens in the Spring.  So the winter will be spent trying to get some base level of fitness and slowly increasing my running distances up to Marathon length.  I have a plan (of sorts) and am intending on getting a proper training plan from a Triathlon coach to help me through.  Will probably do this in December.

So that is about it for this update.  Not very interesting (sorry about that) but is worth noting it down here I felt.

Hope you are all well.



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